Tessie My flying Angel CHR BH 

ASCA Name: "GMG Tessie My Flying Angel CD DNA-VP"



Colour: Red Tri white/copper
Eye Colour: Amber
Birthday: 13.5.2003

Died: 10.09.2012 (Bone cancer in the knee)
High: 51 cm
Long Tail
HD: B1
AD: E0


MDR1 Genotyp + / +

CEA DNA Test bei Optigen Genotyp normal

AHT DNA for Hereditary Cataract Test  Genotyp Free

PRA: free

CASD Zuchtbuch VDH/CASD 06/199R

ASCA E12887

Breeder: GMG Australian Shperd, Fam. Geisel, Germany



Her Parents are Dude und Fly.

Father: "Blue Isle's Famous Red Dude CDX DNA-CP" (left).  Link to his Site .

Mother: "Dejavu's Neon Butterfly CD DNA-CP"(right) 




More Pictures from Tessie